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cat5e direct burial with jell DB2404L5E

Direct Burial Cat5e Cable 1,000 ft Flooded Jell Fill, spool in box for easy feed.

Was: $175.99
Now: $159.00
Weltron Cat5e Shielded Plenum STP CMP Network Cable

Weltron Cat5e Shielded Plenum Twisted Pair Network Ethernet Cable 1,000 feet CMP STP Verified Compliant with EIA/TIA Standard by UL and ETL.

Weltron CAT6 Shielded Plenum 1,000 ft Network Cable STP CMP 550 mhz 23 AWG

Weltron CAT6 Shielded Plenum Network Cable, 1,000 ft STP CMR Solid Conductor Easy Pull Box with foor markings.