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 We Offer an Exciting Line-up of High-Quality Amplifiers for PA Systems, Computer USB, CD, or MP3 Players, AM/FM Radio Tuners, Pre-Amps, Powered Mixers, Booster Amps, and More!

BEHRINGER PMP580S 500-Watt 10-Channel Powered Mixer with Klark Teknik Multi-Fx Processor Compressors
Behringer PMP580S 500-Watt 10-Channel Powered Mixer with KLARK TEKNIK Multi-FX Processor, Compressors, FBQ Feedback Detection System
Weltron 6 Channel Mixer Amp TRUE 30 Watt Output WA-303

Weltron TRUE 30 Watt 6 Channel Mixer Amplifier With Convenient Mounting Bracket
3 mic & 3 Aux inputs
4 & 8 Ohm output
25v &70V output

Weltron WA-612E 6 Channel 120 Watt Mixer Amplifier WA-612E

6 Channel 120 Watt Mixer Amplifier with a variety of input and output options.
Crisp Clear Sound for your large PA System. Weltron - WA-612E

Weltron 624E Mixer / Amplifier WA-624E 240 Watt Amp

 Same Chassis as the WA-612E - Twice the Power Offering 240 Watts Output Power

Weltron Multi Zone Distribution Mixer Amplifier - WA-6505A

Weltron Muti-Zone Distribution Mixer Amplifier, WA-6504A
5 Separate Zones, 50 Watts per Zone
Multiple Inputs Selectable for Each Zone

Weltron WA-6412M 4 X 120 Watt Booster Power Amp

Weltron 4 Zones in 1 Power Amplifier / 120 Watts Per Zone - 480 Total Watts !

Atlas - CP400 High-Performance, Dual-Channel, Commercial Audio Amplifier

Atlas - CP400 High-Performance, Dual-Channel, Commercial Audio Amplifier.

Atlas CP700 Power Amplifier 700W High Performance, Dual Channel Commercial Amplifier

 Atlas CP700 High Performance Power Amplifier, Dual Channel Commercial Sound Amp.