Weltron WA-6412M 4 X 120 Watt Booster Power Amp

Weltron WA-6412M Front View
Weltron WA-6412M Rear View
Weltron WA-6412M Rear View
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SKU: WA-6412M

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This Weltron amp is alone in its class. This is a full 4 separate 120 watt amps in one box. The photos speak for themselves. Our WA-6412M amplifier is built with the large commercial application in mind.

This amplifier is perfect for large athletic parks that require separate zones with plenty of power.

Features Include:

  •   4 / 120watt zones - channels

  • 1/4" and XLR Inputs on each channel

  • Gain control on each channel

  • Line outputs on each channel

  • Speaker outputs on each channel

  • 8 ohm - 25V - 70V Speaker Outputs

  • Each channel can by powered independently with 24V DC