Weltron WS-PM6080 Surround Free Hanging Speaker with 70/100 volt transformer

Pendant Speaker
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SKU: WS-PM6080

Weltron Hanging Speaker - Pendand Style Attractive with Build in 70/100 V Transformer. Home or Commercial distributed sound.WS-PM6080

6.5 Inch Free Hanging Pendant Speaker

High Powered 2-Way Design for Open Ceiling Installations

The PM series is a pendant design speaker with a rich full range sound. They are easy to install in any outdoor or indoor space requiring background/foreground music and/or paging. The stylish design blends perfectly into any environment and adds a modern look. Easy to install and does not require cutting large holes in the ceiling. Ideal for restaurants, retail stores, airports, offices, warehouses, gyms, super stores, theme parks, and other high-ceiling venues.

  • High Quality 6.5 inch speaker

  • 1 inch titanium tweeter

  • Hang from ceilings in home of commercial settings

  • Built in 70/100 volt transformer

  • 70V - 1/2/4/8/16/32 watt taps

  • 100V - 2/4/8/16/32 watt taps