Pro 200 Stadium Speaker Outdoor Weatherproof

Was: $339.00
Now: $299.00
SKU: ws-pro200

This is a very durable loud speaker cabinet built for outdoor or indoor use.
Weatherproof sound projection for year round performance.
This speaker produces the volume needed for large crowds but issues good bass along with mids and highs.

Featuring a robust and versatile plastic cabinet that can
stand up to extremely rough treatment. Comprises of 12
inch power bass driver and a 34mm high efficiency horn
tweeter. All protected against burn out will handle high
pressure sound with good dispersion that makes the system
ideal for large ball rooms,discos, extra large concert halls,
sports facilities, churches cinemas and also outdoor stadium ball fields, race tracks and more..

Power: 200 Watt RMS / 300 Watt max.
Frequency:  40 - 20,000 hz
Sensitivity: 95db @ 1m/1w
Woofer: 12" poly 
Tweeter: 34mm built in Horn Tweeter
Bass Reflex Port:
Impedance: 8 ohm & 70 volt selectable
Connectors: Speakon - in/out ports
Size: 24" Tall x 18" wide x 13" Deep
Weight: 27 pounds