Atlas - CP400 High-Performance, Dual-Channel, Commercial Audio Amplifier

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The Atlas Sound CP400 is a high power dual channel amplifier with independent internal power supplies, providing excellent channel separation and low distortion. Rear mounted stepped attenuators provide gain setting repeatability and ease of setup. Front panel mounted indicators provide status of signal present, limiter operation, and protection circuit operation. In addition to having rear mounted barrier strips for inputs and outputs for permanent installations, the Atlas Sound CP400 also has XLR input connectors for portable sound equipment use. In Bridge Mono mode, the CP400 can provide 140V/200V operation for long, speaker lines and large speaker loads. Large toroidal output transformers (1 per channel) provide outstanding isolation for commercial applications. 


Direct Power Out

8 Ω, 1kHz, 0.1% THD 160 Watts x 2 4 Ω, 1kHz, 0.1% THD 240 Watts x 2 2 Ω, 1kHz, 0.1% THD 270 Watts x 2 Bridged Mono 8 Ω 500 Watts 1kHz, 1% THD Bridged Mono 4 Ω 600 Watts 1kHz, 1% THD

Transformer Outputs

25V 175 Watts 70.7V 200 Watts 100V 200 Watts 140V Bridged 400 Watts 200V Bridged 400 Watts
Frequency Reponse
Direct Outputs 30Hz – 50kHz (±3dB) Transformer Outputs 30Hz – 16kHz (±3dB)
8Ω, 1kHz, 240 Watts per channel <.05%
Rated Output into 8Ω 1.25V
Voltage Gain
Input Impedance
Balanced 20kΩUnbalanced 10kΩ
Damping Factor
8Ω Output, 10Vrms >200dB
8Ω per Channel @ 240 Watts >100dB
Protection Circuits
Output Offset Voltage Protection Heat Sink Overheat Protection Transformer Overheat ProtectionLoad Shorting Protection Power On/Off ProtectionSoft Clip Limiters
Power Switch, Ch 1 / Ch 2 gain (41 step)Parallel / Stereo / Bridge Switch
Dual Speed Fan, Temperature Controlled
Indicator LEDs
Power, Protect, Signal, Limit
Power Consumption
Idle .41A, 38 Watts, 130 BTUAverage 2.4A, 291 Watts, 992 BTUMax 7.3A, 876 Watts, 2989 BTU


Average Power is 13 rating, 25% head room, and 50% music signal duty cycle.
Height 5.19" (132mm)Width 19" (483mm)Depth 16.85" (428mm)