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Audio Cable 1/8' Male to (2) RCA Male 6ft.

Weltron Audio Patching Dubbing Cable 44-342G-6 ft. - 1/8 inch male to (2) RCA male

Impedance matching cable with transformer

Weltron 44-342IM.
Impedance matching cable with transformer.
This item is used to convert the audio signal of a iPod, CD player or other similar devices over to a ¼” microphone input. Delivers crystal clear audio to your amplifier for distributed sound systems !

Y Patch Cable - 1XLR Female to 2 XLR Male

6 ft. Audio patch Y-Cable for 1 XLR female to 2 XLR Male

Y-Patch - 1/4 male to 2 XLR Male Cable

6 ft. Audio patch Y-Cable for 1 1/4 inch male to 2 XLR Male